ESRA (the European Shakespeare Research Association) encourages and supports research into Shakespeare as a cultural presence in Europe and the relationship between this presence and the construction of European culture and identity.

The Association endeavours:

  • To foster research networks and projects
  • To arrange conferences and other forms of academic collaboration
  • To support publications and academic programmes on the subject
  • To keep its members informed of developments in its field of studies

The Board of ESRA currently has the following composition:

  • Rui Carvalho Homem, Chair (University of Porto)
  • Nicoleta Cinpoes (University of Worcester)
  • Nathalie Vienne-Guerrin (University of Montpellier III)
  • Jana Wild (Academy of Performing Arts, Bratislava)
  • Kirilka Stavreva (Cornell College, Iowa, USA)
  • Tiffany Stern (Shakespeare Institute, Stratford-upon-Avon)
  • Maria Del Sapio Garbero (Roma Tre University)
  • Efterpi Mitsi (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece)


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